Did you know? Danger lurks under disposable gloves!

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For those starting out in the trade, you may have noticed that many plumbers wear disposable gloves as their primary method of protecting hands.

However, whilst these gloves are good at preventing contaminants contacting with the skin, when worn for long periods they can be the cause of some serious skin complaints.

When wearing disposable protective gloves, moisture is trapped against the skin and can cause it to soften and wrinkle. This can weaken the skin, and if this happens regularly, can cause disorders such as dermatitis.

Gloves can also trap bacteria against the skin in a warm, moist environment ideal for their growth. Any small cuts on present on the skin under gloves can quickly become painfully infected, impacting on your ability to work safely.

Here at Swarfega, we’d recommend the following when using disposable gloves:

Your hands are one of your most important tools, so start out with good habits, and your hands will thank you in the long run!

To find out more about Swarfega’s products which will help your skin stay in tip-top condition, visit www.swarfega.com.


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