Hydrogen could become clean energy supply of the future

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Hydrogen could become the clean energy supply of the future after the government planned to invest £20 million into the development of a Hydrogen Supply Programme.

According to an industry spokesperson, investing in low carbon hydrogen heating is a step in the right direction for the industry – particularly after many renewable heat alternatives, in which the government previously invested, have proven to be unsuitable.

Neil Schofield, Head of Government Affairs at Worcester Bosch, said: “Since a recent meeting with the UK’s Energy and Clean Growth Minister, Claire Perry, discussions about the feasibility of a low carbon hydrogen economy have been gaining momentum.

“The Energy Minister’s £20 million funding boost for the Hydrogen Supply Programme shows that a potential low carbon hydrogen economy is being taken seriously. This makes hydrogen a strong contender for the UK’s future fuel evolution.

“This sentiment was echoed again when I met with the Energy Minister. In particular, reforming energy policy to include more affordable and greener energy options, such as hydrogen, was identified as a top priority.

“The UK needs a solution to its carbon problem, beyond the renewable energy options already out there. For one, renewable alternatives are often complicated to install and too expensive for many households in the UK to even consider.

“Hydrogen, on the other hand, would be delivered through our existing gas infrastructure. It would also, in theory, require little to no change in how we use our heating and cooking appliances.”

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